Yanwei Fu

School of Data Science, Fudan University.


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  • Yanwei Fu is a tenure-track professor  at the School of Data Science, Fudan University, Shanghai China.

    He is  Professor of Eastern Scholar, Shanghai (上海高校特聘教授 – 东方学者), 1000 young scholar (青千),and ARC DECRA fellow.

    Research interests

    He is interested in the following ML/CV topics (with the corresponding selected papers from my Project page):

    1. Artificial general intelligence (AGI) for Robotic Grasping;
    2. One-shot learning by  exploring statistical sparsity;
    3. Multi-modal universal pre-trained model and fine-tuning.
    4. Image/video synthesis and editing, such as image inpainting, sketch-based methods, and methods on videos.

    He also works on some CV and Multimedia applications, such as face recognition, person Re-ID, Sketch-based image retrieval/editing, image inpainting, Attack and Defence,Visual Sentiment Analysis, Video Understanding, Multi-object tracking, Semantic Segmentation. Please use the key words to search the corresponding papers from my Project Pages.


    Please donot contact me via my QMUL email address, which has been suspended.

    关于本组招生:大数据学院科学硕士及直博生是统一招生(而不是分配给导师名额)。所以感兴趣我们组的话,可以直接去申请拿到学院的offer,再联系我即可。申请普博或者Oversea students想来我们组做summer intern的话,可以提前联系我。


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